A.W. Sommers

the clays of a cold star batch copy

“Atelierbetriebe: An art-working studio. A factory of non-commodity manufacture and ethic of both work and art.

I practice art in the way a tinkerer, or a philosopher-alchemist, approaches his workshop: all avenues are considered, objects and drawings continually evolve, and, most importantly, there is constant motion, fingers are always fiddling, marks are always being made, for me, art is a verb.

I am an inveterate magpie: images, histories, phrases, shiny bits, trash, old paper, hair trimmings, rusty things, bones, and dust all find their way into my studio to be considered, mulled about, chewed upon, and channeled into new work.

As a result, my work is manifold: I make paintings, drawings, books, sculptures, miniatures, and assemblages. I slip tiny paintings into matchboxes and draw on bones. All pathways of making are fair game.

Atelierbetriebe a-s is the aegis under which my work is produced: it is the house, and the philosophy, of all my artwork.



Allison Sommers is a Brooklyn-based art-worker. A self-taught artist, she graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in history and a concentration in early medieval England.”