Menton J. Matthews III aka Menton3 is a painter, illustrator, and fine artist. His personal axiom is, “Externalizing the internal so that resolution is a forgone conclusion.” His subject matters are drawn from daily meditation, alchemical writings, symbology, and Jungian psychology. Menton3 is an autodidact and he relied heavily upon his studies of the old masters to garner technique. He frequently mixes and makes his own mediums from scratch, adding to the unique property of each individual work he produces. He is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of 44FLOOD and currently is 1/3 of the artist collective, The Hand, alongside David Stoupakis and Damien Echols. Menton3 has an extensive history in comics and graphic novels as an illustrator, colorist, writer, cover artist, and creator. Some of his more well known works include, The Memory Collectors, The X-Files, Transfusion, Silent Hill: Past Life, ZVR, The Fly and Monocyte. He also served as the co-creator, designer and editor of the TOME and EXPLICITUS EST LIBER art anthology series. He has a personal belief that all gallery shows he manifests should be accompanied by a book containing the art and further exploration of the source material. This philosophy lead him to compile his personal art books, Tropes & Loci book 1, KATABASIS, and The Kindly Ones with fellow artist David Stoupakis. Menton3’s fine art paintings and other works have been shown in prominent galleries including Last Rites Gallery, La Luz De Jesus, Strychnin Gallery, and COPRO among others.