Nannette Cherry


Nannette Cherry is a painter residing in Oregon who has been exhibiting since 2009.  Drawing from a young age, she sought to improve her skills by looking to the works of Old Masters for reference.  This, paired with an early fascination for Surrealism and later Pop-Surrealism, has led to the development of her current work which imbues the referenced portrait with an unsettling air through the employment of visual distortion.   While also working in sometimes vivid and atypical color schemes, her pieces also call to mind the psychedelic art seen in concert posters from the 1960s.  Through the warped lens in which these portraits are filtered, her work notes the malleable nature of perception and memory.  Nannette holds a BA in Painting and an MFA from the University of Central Florida, which she completed in 2012.  Her work has been featured in galleries across the United States and in Europe.