NEW YORK, NY (December 3rd, 2011) — Last Rites Gallery presents The Luckiest Widow In The World And Other Tales Of Misfortune, new works by Scott G Brooks, in what will be his second solo show at the gallery.

Scott G Brooks’ subject matter ranges from simple portraiture to intricate narratives. In his paintings, he takes social, psychological, and political issues and injects them with a dark sense of humor. Anatomical distortions separate the figures from the photographic ideal, which gives him the freedom to create his own distorted reality. His work is described as twisted and offbeat, sentimental, and disturbing. In addition to exhibiting in galleries, he has also illustrated several children's books.


For the The Luckiest Widow in the World and Other Tales of Misfortune series, I took inspiration from my work as a children’s book illustrator. But the fables are definitely not for kids. They come from my own deep, dark place.

Like all of my work, The Luckiest Widow in the World and Other Tales of Misfortune paintings tell stories. This time, the themes center around demons, both inner and outer. In preparing for the show, I spent quality time studying horror movies. In horror, the monster either comes from an inside or an outside source. The question I played with in these works is what is the origin of misfortune. Where does is it coming from and how do I show it? Is the mad scientist turning people into machines a part of each of us?

While each new piece is different from each other, the works are knitted together by a common construction of confronting the narrative head on. The new triptych, Tammy Trainwreck, shows Tammy standing at the junction of two rail lines with locomotives barreling down on her from both directions. Her end is near.

I’m still working with portraits as the central focus. My process is to start with a figure and the story evolves from there. Long-time fans of my paintings will recognize a few familiar faces. For the The Luckiest Widow in the World and Other Tales of Misfortune I’ve re-imagined and evolved Charity from my 2004 The Heavenly Virtues series. This year, she is decidedly more gloomy and haunting.”

-Scott G Brooks




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