Buddy Nestor


Buddy was born and raised in Collingswood, New Jersey, a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He was a Latch-Key Kid during the birth of cable TV.  This led to endless hours in front of the television, watching movies and drawing.  He gravitated toward strange cult and horror films.  As a skateboarder in the late 80’s and early 90’s, he was exposed to Punk, Indie, and Heavy Metal music.  In 1997, after the birth of his son, Buddy decided to teach himself to paint.  In 1999, he traveled around the world on an aircraft carrier and painted every day.  This was critical in his development as an artist.  Presently, he drinks beer and paints in his basement. 


“My latest series of paintings are portraits of female artists.  These physical and psychological images are my attempt to capture the true nature of humanity.  They are spiritual X-Rays.  The models that I use in my work are all beautiful women.  However, there is nothing beautiful about the portraits I create.”