Charlie Immer


Charlie Immer, born 1983, lives in Maryland with a collection of skeletons and candy.
Charlie enjoys dissecting his subjects which creates a contrast between colorful simple characters and the beauty of the anatomy within them.

I started out after school hoping to become a commercial illustrator. I then discovered very quickly that my work is not what one would call commercial unless I subtract the Blood and Guts.  It’s no fun without the gore.

It was obvious that perusing galleries was the best way for me to go. As long as I could get someone to show my stuff I could do anything I wanted. Gallery 1988 in San Francisco was my first showing and it opened many doors leading to more and more shows. When I had had at least a show a month for a solid year I knew I had gone pro. Also when I mentioned to people that I was an artist I didn’t feel odd for saying so.

My concepts come from my fascination with anatomy and my love of candy and toys.  I have so much fun creating the blood and bones of my characters. The contrast of the smooth bodies and the complex systems beneath spilling out is very appealing to me. As I’m painting I also try to assign flavors to my characters like blueberry and green apple.