Ewelina Koszykowska


Ewelina Koszykowska was born a caul bearer; a highly rare condition, where a baby is born with a veil of skin over its face. Being born under the caul, Koszykowska ‘s history has a direct connection to the veil. Her work places an emphasis on the importance of human evolution through veils of consciousness.

In 2012, Koszykowska began work on this series of paintings which explore the relationship between the nude and the veil within a linear space. The veil possesses a layered metamorphic quality affecting all it comes into contact with. As it’s color and abstract strokes obscure and reveal the figures, it draws our focus to the translucent and invites us to make our own conclusions on the immateriality of the material. Koszykowska’s visions create a séance, opening up a dialogue with traditional depictions of the veil as a decorative object and also respond to its spiritual and cultural connotations throughout the human condition.

Ewelina Koszykowska was born in Poland. She is a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design where she received a full portfolio scholarship. Ewelina exhibits her work in galleries and museums across the United States and Europe. Formerly painting in Brooklyn NYC, she currently paints from her studio “ek Laboratory” in London UK.