Eric Lacombe: The Weight of Silence


TWOS_001_160_100_HD“TWOS_001”, Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 160 x 100 cm

Last Rites Gallery is pleased to announce “The Weight of Silence,” a solo exhibition of works by Eric Lacombe.

The exhibition title refers to the indefinable perceptions anticipating death. Lacombe will present a new series of 20 works that draw upon the subject of consciousness at the very end of life. Crossing over into death, the artist’s creativity leads to a new kind of awareness and perception; the artist turns these end of life thoughts into mourning figures while exploring the connections between consciousness, silence and death.

  “I love the quiet drama the living exude whenever they are asleep, or tired of life, or even dead,” he says. “Imagine the very moment before death when life slips away and something new begins: this moment is truly precious, because everything is silent. I want to evoke that stillness, that loneliness, that sensation of fear, melancholy and happiness.”

Preferring drawing and painting to other mediums, Lacombe focuses on the tormented feelings of his subjects. His compositions combine the three-dimensionality of the foreground to the metaphysical emptiness of the spaces in which the characters move. Suspended between two antithetical versions of reality, and caught in a moment of philosophical introspection, the protagonists in these works are neither alive nor dead.  The transformations taking place in this unadorned environment are neither disturbing nor violent, but rather cast in shade and mystery.

The hybrid human and animal creatures in this current body of work are portrayed with thick and tactile applications of paint – usually in a palette of dark, rich colors – grays, browns, blacks and reds. Using thick brushstrokes to literally paint out this drama, the artist is able to deconstruct his subjects’ melancholy in a strange and compelling juxtaposition of forms, concepts and colors. Eric’s transfigurations are meant to evoke the effects of time on the human body and mind. His characters are also in conversation with their own sense of fear and relief, whereas the viewers are invited to step inside the work and make sense of the drama.

Born 1968 in Lyon, France, Eric Lacombe is a graphic designer, digital artist and self-taught painter. His work focuses on portraying the disfigured faces of both ordinary people and imaginary anthropomorphic creatures: the psychological aspects of these representations reflect the contrasting feelings of human beings towards the boundary existing between life and death. To create his drawings and paintings he uses acrylics, paper, oil, pens, glue and other mediums.

 TWOS_006_73_60_HD“TWOS_006”, Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 73 x 60 cm

TWOS_009_55_46_HD“TWOS_009”, Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 55 x 46 cm

TWOS_P_004_30_40_HD“TWOS_P_004”, Mixed Media on Paper, 30 x 40 cm