13th Hour

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Eric Lacombe; MF048; Acrylic on Canvas; 28.7″ x 23.6″



Eli Livingston; Cicada Nymph; Sculpture/ resin.; 9.5” x 5”

HopeKroll_Rocking Horse Winner

Hope Kroll; Rocking Horse Winner; 3D Collage; 11” x 8.5”

Dan Williams_Defiance

Daniel Williams; In Defiance of the Perverse; Cast Aquaresin; 16.5″ x 12″ x 8.5″

Yomico Moreno - Nevermore

Yomico Moreno; Nevermore; Oil on Panel; 12” x 12”

yoko_Gate keeper(1)

Yoko D’Holbachie; Gate Keeper; Acrylic on Coated Panel; 15.8” x 15.8”

Will Kurtz - Adorra

Will Kurtz; Adorra; wood, wire, newspaper, tape, glue, matte medium, UV matte varnish, cell phone, wig, jewelry; 32” x 30” x 66”

W.BASSO-13 HOUR 2015

William Basso; Historia Naturalis; Mixed Media; 17” x 7.5”

Todd Lim - David

Todd Lim; David; Acrylic,oil and house paint with shoe lace on Canvas; 86” x 55”

The Elder, Trent Taft 2

Trent Taft; The Elder; casted in platinum silicone, walnut plaque; 16” x 20” (with plaque)



Stanislav (Stan Dark Art); Pain; Ballpoint pen on paper; 16” x 18.5”

Shane Pierce_Totenkopf

Shane Pierce; Tokenkopf; Oil on Linen Mounted on Board; 13” x 19”

Sergio Garcia 1

Sergio Garcia; If these walls could talk they’d probably do this instead; Resin metal blown glass; 8” x 6” x 6”

Rick beaupre_skull

Rick Beaupre; Mother Nightmare; Ink and watercolour on Arches; 16” x 18”

Rick Beaupre_bird

Rick Beaupre; 01; Charcoal and graphite on Arches; 18” x 22”

paintings 170coil

Henrik Uldalen; Coil; Oil on Masonite; 100cm x 100cm

paintings 164frail

Henrik Uldalen; Frail; Oil on Canvas; 100cm x 100cm

paintings 163twinge

Henrik Uldalen; Twinge; Oil on Canvas; 100cm x 100cm



Nom Kinnear King; Pallor; Oil on Wood; 30cm x 30cm

Nicomi Nix Turner Lucifer’s Landing

Nicomi Nix Turner; Lucifer’s Landing; Graphite on archival paper; 15” x 23”

mikael bourgouin-13th-hour-primary-level (1)

Mikael Bourgouin; Primary Level; Oil on Canvas; 73cm x 54cm


Eric Lacombe; MF050; Acrylic on Canvas; 28.7” x 21.2”


Menton3; Collapse; Ink and Airbrush on Bristol; 11” x 14”

Matt Dangler_Beneath The Calm

Matt Dangler; Beneath The Calm; Oil on Canvas; 12” x 24”

Logan Aguilar

Logan Aguilar; Becoming; Oil on board; 16” x 20”

Kevin Peterson_SubdueTheStrident

Kevin Peterson; Subdue the Strident; Oil on Wood; 24” x 12”



Kaspian Shore; Apparition; Oil on Board; 9.4” x 11.8”


Jason Goldberg

Jason Goldberg; Friendless; Oil on Wood; 6” x 8”





Jasmine Worth

Jasmine Worth; Hectate Dethroned; Oil on Wood; 7” x 4”


Jana Brike_Lover's Last Glance_Last_Rites_Gallery

Jana Brike; Lover’s Last Glance; Oil on Board; 27” x 43”


Eli Livingston; Movement of Fear; Sculpture-(resin); 13.5”

HopeKroll_Slightly Off

Hope Kroll; Slightly Off; 3D Collage; 24.5” x 18.5”


Johnson Tsang; Behind the Wall; Porcelain and wire; 36cm x 22cm x 20cm

Harry Michalakeas_Gaia_Last Rites_Gallery

Harry Michalakeas; Gaia; Pencil, Chalk, Charcoal, and Pan Pastel on Paper; 11”x15”

Fred harper_Target_Last_Rites_Gallery

Fred Harper; Target Pathogen 371; Gouache on paper; 8” x 10”


Fabio Daroma

Fabio D’Aroma; Trimalchio; Oil on Canvas; 16” x 24”

david hauchbaum_13th hour_last rites gallery

David Hochbaum; Totem 4; Pigment Print on Kozo Paper; 31” x 22” x 3”



David Hochbaum; Totem 2; Pigment Print on Kozo Paper; 23” x 23” 3”

CT Nelson_String Theory_Last_Rites_Gallery

C. T. Nelson; String Theory; Oil on canvas; 24” x 48”

CRIMSON QUEEN with frame

David Stoupakis; Crimson Queen; Oil on Board; 24” x 13”

Chris Peters_The 13th Hour

Chris Peters; The 13th Hour; Oil on linen over panel; 13″ x 18″

Chris Mars - The Next Meal

Chris Mars; The Next Meal; Oil on Panel; 17” x 20”

Brian Mashburn_ aWealthOfNotions_13thHour2015_WebS

Brian Mashburn; A Wealth of Nations; Oil on Linen; 19” x 23”

A.W. Sommers_watcher

A.W.Sommers; Watcher; Gauche and Mixed Media on Illustration Board; 12.5” x 8.5”


David Richardson; 3 Mystics; Hand painted Apoxie Sculpt and wood; 9” x 4” x 5”