Jason D’Aquino


Jason D’Aquino is a miniaturist. He creates his artwork on an incredibly small scale, many works not exceeding one inch by one inch in dimension.

D’Aquino chooses to work on found surfaces such as strike-on-front matchbooks, 18th century animal-skin vellum, and antique ledger pages. His search for these found “canvases” has led him to strange corners of the world and to some unique treasures. He recently unearthed a hand-quilled, illustrated whaling manuscript from St. Petersburg Russia, which made its way to Christies Auction House in New York City.

Jason’s influences include H.P. Lovecraft, Henry Darger and Hans Bellmer. His drawings, often political in nature, have graced the pages of the New York Times, Juxtapoz, I.T.A., Rue Morgue , Hi-Fructose and Inked Magazine. His original works can be purchased at Art Basel and other international art festivals.