Vincent Xeus

mon popa pro, Mon May 20, 2013, 1:29:47 PM, 8C, 3542x4356, (66+168), 62%, bent 6 stops, 1/8 s, R76.1, G40.6, B55.1

Vincent Xeus is a torrential force on the international art scene that permeates and defines our contemporary culture.  Oscillating between figurative and abstract, his work embraces, yet challenges the traditions of classical painting with an exploration of contemporary practices and observations.  Xeus revolutionizes the perfected techniques of European old masters by evoking gestural and impasto qualities to culminate an esthetic that commands an electrifying visual power.  He explores new possibilities by addressing the contradictions and interrelationships between figuration and abstraction.  He simultaneously defaces and makes anew.  The innumerable layers of application and eradication leave traces behind to forge a visually arresting and endlessly engaging body of work.  The paintings emit an extraordinary wealth of sensational clarity and sobering gravity.

Xeus’ continual pursuit on re-evaluating, re-visiting and re-inventing fresh aesthetic visions is one of the most vital and remarkable characteristics of his work.  His transferal between the figural to the abstract serves as an avenue of self-reflexivity that keeps painting alive and relevant to the present.   Xeus also investigates the core nature of perception and cognition.  Each painting with their qualities of the ethereal and oneiric sensibility harks to the subconscious mind and depicts the very essence of one’s autonomous individuality.  Xeus presents alternative ways of seeing the temporal world, which leave the viewer in constant flux of refuge, enlightenment and sheer admiration.  His work is a tour de force of all that was, is and will be.

Xeus’ prodigious artistic output has earned him the highest international acclaim.  His inimitable work has been exhibited in landmark galleries and museums worldwide and has been celebrated by prestigious institutions, including Portrait Society of America and International Art Renewal Center.

Vincent Xeus was born in China in 1981 and began his artistic journey at a young age.  He currently lives and creates in California, USA.  He studied at University of California, Berkeley and earned a B.A. with High Honors in Architecture.  Xeus is the president of Marque Design & Architecture.  He also serves as Arts Commissioner in Napa Valley.